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Ragnar Säde

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Ragnar Säde
Full name Ragnar Säde
About I am a thorough and careful critical thinker with a good learning capacity. I am a computer science major, specializing in software development. Currently working for Cleveron in Tallinn.
Job preference Front-end developer (React, Vue)
Location Tallinn, Estonia
Interests (functional) programming, effective communication, philosophy (epistemology), cognitive psychology, music (guitar, singing, composing), science
Languages Estonian (native), English (C2), Finnish (B1), Russian (A1)
E-mail raxsade@gmail.com
Website raxsade.com
Bank account IBAN (SEB) EE401010010640893013
Driver's licence -
Children -
2012—2018 Tallinna Ülikool / Tallinn University
— computer science (software development)
Weighted average grade: 4.252
2011—2011 Tallinna Tehnikaülikool / Tallinn University of Technolocy
— informatics
2010—2011 Tallinna Tehnikaülikool / Tallinn University of Technology
— applied chemistry and biotechnology
2007—2008 Tallinna Täiskasvanute Gümnaasium
— 12
Received my GCSE
2005—2007 Tallinna Nõmme Gümnaasium
— 10...11
2004—2005 Tallinna Reaalkool
— 10
1994—2004 Tallinna Kivimäe Põhikool
— 1...9
2015.07—.............. front-end developer
I help people save valuable time spent on picking up items purchased online by developing seamless UI-s for retail click and collect pickup automation solutions.
2015.04—2015.04 tutor
I helped a fellow student with subjects like Algorithms and Data Structures, C#, .NET, Cryptology, and Set Theory.
2015.02—.............. volunteer
Web developer, social media administrator
2014.08—2014.09 web developer
I developed a multilanguage web page with a complex responsive design to the Ministry of Culture for the Day of Estonian Nations.
2013.12—2013.12 web developer
I designed and created a web page for Chow Mein, an Asian fast food restaurant.
2013.07—2013.09 front-end developer
Front-End Development for the new Toggl UI. Used CoffeeScript with Backbone.js, Sass, HTML5.
2013.04—2013.05 team leader, developer
I lead a team for the university summer project. Our team created an educational (Javascript + HTML5 canvas) game named EcoHouse.
2012.02—2012.05 tutor
I helped four school-leavers in the preparation for the state exam in biology.
2011.12—2012.01 construction worker
I helped with equipment installation and clean-up.
2011.03—2012.07 volunteer
I was the Estonian point-of-contact for an international organization The Venus Project. I introduced the project, answered e-mails, arranged both online and offline meetings, study groups. I was their TeamSpeak voice chat server moderator.
2009.12—2010.05 web developer
I designed and built a web store (PHP + .txt-databases, using free server space). I updated the databases (product images, descriptions) and site functionality based on the needs of the company.
2009.05—2009.06 project manager, translator
I organized a draft translation of a 400-page book from English into Estonian in 11 days. I recruited the translators, coordinated the team, proofread translations, did the layout.
2008.08—2009.04 serviceman (radio man, shooter-medic)
2004.06—2004.07 construction worker
I did accessory work in the construction of a private home (interior).
2003.05—2003.06 construction worker
I did accessory work in the construction of the foundation for a private home.
2002.05—2002.06 construction worker
I did accessory work in the construction of two private homes (foundation, interior).
2001.10—2005.03 web developer
I designed and built a website (html with framesets) for the journal Avanemine. I built a web archive for the previous issues of the magazine (nov.1995 - sept.2001). I updated the site for every new issue of the magazine, and for event promotion.