Educational dialogue game


  • improve everyday dialogues between people with different views
  • encourage and help introverts to have more conversations
  • promote critical thinking and open inquiry
  • train psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, negotiators, etc.

General gameplay:

  1. The player is in the role of a therapist, interviewer, negotiator, or similar
  2. The player has a conversation with a virtual human and tries to help them by using some conversational techniques
  3. The player's challenge is to help the virtual human, while not making the situation worse

Example gameplay:

  • The virtual human says they are 100% sure that they have seen a ghost
  • The player's mission is to help the virtual human by using the Socratic method in a conversation to adjust their certainty to a more appropriate level, while avoiding the backfire effect


Example dialogues:

Examples of theoretical background:


  • Dialogue system
  • Speech recognition (text; emotion recognition via tempo, pitch, volume)
  • Speech synthesis (text-to-speech + "emotion")
  • 3D animated graphics with WebGL
  • Dialog engine
  • Dialog/virtual human database
  • Goal progress tracking
  • etc.